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Behind the Camera

About Me

I first learned to shoot on my father’s Nikon F5 while studying as an undergrad film major at NYU in 2001. Since then, I’ve honed my craft as a video producer/editor and worked for a Fortune 100 financial accounting and consultancy firm as their main videographer for a few years after graduating with a BFA in Film & Television.

I fell back in love with shooting still photography after buying my first DSLR in 2006 and have never looked back. I’ve since left Corporate America and am now running my own video production company, namely Kreative Mediaworks, to complement my photography endeavors. Whether with film, video or photography, my main passion is telling a story visually.

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Today: A visual journal

“Today” is the title for my Project 365 that I am attempting for the year 2011. In 2010, I managed to upkeep a Project 52 (see below), and while that was a challenge on it’s own, I plan to take it up a notch and post something new every day for 1 year. My criteria is less stringent, and photos posted on a certain day don’t necessarily have to be taken on that day, so long as it is new content. My hopes are that this visual journal stretches me to create and that it allows me to take a few minutes every day to dedicate to my craft.

Project 52

Project 52 is a weekly photo blog that I’ve started for the year 2010. There are no real rules other than shooting and posting a new photo every week. iPhone photos count as well as those shot with my D700. I’m not setting any specific themes or subjects, anything goes really. My main goal is to push myself to further develop my craft and shoot more often and also to get inspired to think outside of the box…even on those weeks where I feel my creativity level is low. I can only hope that in turn, my images can inspire others as well.

Around the World

“Around the World” is a collection of snapshots that I’ve taken during my travels abroad. Travel photography is a huge passion of mine and great catalyst in what pushed me to pursue photography professionally. I have been lucky enough to be part of a family that caught the travel bug early and even more fortunate to be able to travel to some far off places for my job. I aim to capture and share my experiences abroad by periodically posting them here on my blog.

About monolit

monolit is a wordpress+YAPB based photoblog theme. Parts of it is based on the grain theme and some design-concepts have been borrowed from the monochrome photoblog. It is written and maintained by Kim Nørgaard and is free for everyone to use or modify in any way.