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Photo in Men's Health May 2012 Issue
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Photo in Men’s Health May 2012 Issue

Published May 2, 2012

I’m pretty excited that the popularity of this photo Emerge” with triathlete and TV producer Kelly Rockwell based out of LA has made it’s way through the ranks of being published in this month’s issue of Men’s Health Magazine.

The parent company of Men’s Health, Rodale, had purchased the photo months ago and I did not know when or how it was going to be used, until a colleague of mine, Charles, texted me to let me know he had seen it in print at the store. As much fun as this photo was to shoot almost 3 years ago it’s equally fun seeing it in print from Triathlete Magazine to Inside Triathlon and now Men’s Health!

Here’s a quick re-post from my old blog on the makings of this shoot:

2 SB-600s @ full power, bare @ 45 degrees to subject’s right hand side; Triggered by Nikon CLS SU-800 and hand held by my voice activated light stand a.k.a my friend Van as he is doubled up as a water wrangler literally knee deep in the shoot. Sun as back/rim light coming from the right.

Camera info: It was broad daylight and I definitely didn’t want a stark white sky in the background. I knew I wanted it nice and blue, so I used an ND4 filter + a Graduated ND2 filter on a Cokin Z Pro holder to tone the sky down and I stopped down all the way to f/8 @ 1/320 sec, ISO 400. Had to shoot with 2 SB’s on full power in order to get a good exposure on Kelly.